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some of my deviations :3



"SOMEONE GET MADAM POMFREY!" yelled Sarah to the others. they all rushed around the corner and gasped. they began asking if she was okay but Sarah threw them the darkest look.
"go.and.get.the.nurse!" her voice strained with anger. the others gave a scared looked and ran to get Pomfrey. Sarah immediatly rushed over to her.
"Val, whats wrong? did you eat something of zonkos?" she asked, now kneeled beside her. Valentine shook her head, slowly getting weak from blood loss. "its fine, really, it will stop in a minuet..." she lost her breath in mid sentance.
"no its not fine, Val, your pretty much bleeding out your life" Sarah gave her a look, just as a huge jet of blood errupted from her once more. Sarah quickly replaced the blood staind towel with a new one. finally, Valentine gave in. she sat up with all the strength she had.
"fine, but dont get pomfrey involed. magic cant solve this" she sighed. Sarah gave a puzzled look.
"what do you mean?" she whispered, worry within her voice.
"just, do me a favour and dont get involved. i need you to get me out of here"  she gave out a little. Sarah supported her in her arms.
"where?" she asked immediatly. that was the good thing with Sarah, she never asked questions and did what she was told.
"Dorchester hospital, Dorset. now" she replied.
"but we cant apparate within hogwarts" she began, but Val shook her head.
"I can. look, i'm ill. i dont expect you to understand, but Dumbledoor knows. he gave me permission for emergancies like this." she explained in a short breath.
"if you hold onto my wand, it will let you apparate, but you may need to carry me, because i honestly dont know if i can walk" she gave a brief laugh on the last word. Sarah gave another nodd. she stood, picked Valentine up within her arms, as Val slipped her wand into her pocket.
"wait, what about remus?" she asked. Val sighed and let her head drop.
"all you need to do, is drop me off at the hospital. thats all. your not muggleborn, so you wouldnt understand, but there are people there who know whats wrong and can actually help me. once you've dropped me off, come straight back here. tell remus...." she trailed off.
"tell remus, i'm sorry" she finished. Sarah knitted her eyebrows together.
"he dosn't know, does he?" she asked.
"not a lot of people do" she laughed again. there was silence.
"i dont mean to be rude, but could we hurry up and get going? i feel like i'm losing a pint a minuet" Sarah nodded and apporated.

they landed at the side of the building in the shadows, as randomly appearing in the front would frighten the locals. Sarah gave a small run towards the doors. it was still snowing from christmas. bloody climate change, thought Valentine. Sarah made it up to front doors of the E&A. it was dark, extremely cold and a whole bunch of drunk muggles everywhere. Sarah ran through the doors and looked around the room in panic, as Val had finally fainted.
"HELP! SOMEONE, PLEASE! ITS MY FRIEND!" she yelled. several people in blue scrubs ran up to them.
"what happened?" a lady asked.
"I dont know, i know shes sick, and just randomly started having a constant nose bleed." she began. suddenly they pulled up a gerny and Sarah placed her down upon it.
"are you a friend?" she asked. Sarah looked up.
"i vaguely know her, she shares my dorm at my school."
"okay, well please take a seat or you can go, we've got it from here" she gave her a small smiled and nod. Valentine looked up in a drowsey state.
"Sarah... go... back to remus...." she whispered faintly and was pushed away through the doors on the guerny. Sarah stood there until she was out of site, turned, walked back to the place where they came from and apporated back to hogwarts.

Remus stood under the tree by the lake where they said they would meet. thankfully, he casted a warm bubble around it to protect them from the cold. she was half an hour late, as it was now reaching nine. he sat there for an hour and a half, waiting. eventually, he sighed and pakced up all the comfy fort bed spread and food he had prepared and went back inside. he felt embarried and angry, and stormed towards the gryfindoor common room, completley ignoring Sarah who was calling his name.
it was two weeks after that they had to come back to Hogwarts. the weather was extremely cold, the trio had their OWLS comming up and that feeling of christmas was over, filled their hearts with a slight saddness. Remus had been planning for days on how he was going put together a date. he paced the room in puzzled thoughts. it was too cold to do anything, and anything he thought of that they could do inside, seemed boring. Severus sat in the corner of the corridor where they began to hang out, head stuck in his books, while he simply made small noises in agreement with whatever Remus said.
"urg, i couldnt take her to hogsmead, its too cold and theres literally nothing to do there, other than Zonkos, but we've already been there hundreds of time. plus, we're both underaged to go for butterbeers" he huffed.
"mmhh" Snape muttered. Remus gave up and stared at Severus.
"your not helping here you know" and he began pacing again.
"quidditch? broom ride? bwah, still too cold!" he rubbed his face. finally, Severus stuck his head up from his book.
"you could always try a muggle date" he sudgested, as he was a half-blood. he knew enough from both worlds. Remus stopped walking and looked at him.
"whats that then?" he asked, completly puzzled. Severus sighed, shut his book and stood up.
"it's where you actually be a gentleman for a day. go for a stroll, not for long mind, but buy her flowers, chocolates whatever. talk to each other, and finally set up a romantic meal for two." he said sternly, a little annoyence in his tone, as he'd pretty much just admitted to watching every romantic film ever.
"yer, yer! that could work!" Remus smiled. Snape yawned.
"okay, but remember to make it your own. put your own personal twist on it, to show its you who put the effort in" he remarked again. Remus knitted his eyebrows together. Sev sighed.
"your forgetting, she's muggleborn. I expect she's seen every bloody romance film or novel out there, so surprise her for once" he finished.
"thanks Sev! i really appreciate it!" he said loudly.
"okay, good, im going to bed now" and he trailed back slowly towards his common room. Remus ran in the opposite direction towards the Ravenclaw Common room.


Valentine was a mess. she was already having a bad day as it was already. she had ran out of the classroom twice now, as she felt sick to her stomache. she lost count of how many times she had already thrown up, but was so exhausted, she rested her head on the side of the toilet seat and wiped the vomit from her mouth. she took a few deep breath and gently sat up. the chemo had finally started getting worse. she felt weaker every day, but she was strong enough to keep going. after five minuets of waiting for more up chuck, she stood, flushed the toilet and walked out the cubical. her friend lily stood outside. she was the only one within the entire school who knew what was wrong. well, her and Dumbledoor. she splashed her face with water and looked at Lilly.
"you okay?" she asked. Val gave her a blank look.
"I've got cancer. of course im not okay" she gave a small laugh and looked up at the ceiling.
"what are you doing here anyway?" Val asked a little sternly. she wasn't as close to her as the others, and she pretty much did what she had done with Remus on their first meeting. quite frankly, she so badly wanted to turn around and scream at her for the amount of pain she put her best friend through.
"too see if your alright. Besides, Remus is looking for you" She replied. Val sighed, picked up her bag and walked out, sightly shoving Lilly aside. she walked down the corridor and saw Remus. he noticed and came running up to her.
"hey!" he said cheerfully but then looked at Vals face. she was pale, more so than often.
"is this a bad time?" he asked. Val shook her head and smiled.
"no! of course not, whats up?" she brightened up.
"well, at christmas, you said you wanted to do this properly. so, meet me at by the lake side at 8 o clock, sharp" he winked and walked off. Val huffed and chuckled, and made her way to her next lesson.


Valentine was just finishing the last touches on her make up in the common room, whilst a few other girls of Ravenclaw made small comments on how pretty she looked. she was wearing a simple, knee length dress with no straps. it had a small like corset at the top, and was seperated with a white sash, and black satin that fell to her knees. she didn't want to over dress, so her simple, scruffed slip on dolly shoes fit perfectly.
"hey Sarah, could I borrow some of your perfume?" Val asked. Sarah, who sat behind her and watched, smiled and nodded.
"sure, its in the bathroom cuboard." Val thanked her and walked into the small Bathroom. she opened the small cabonet door, picked up the bottle, gave a few squirts, placed it back and shut the door to find her heart jump out of her chest. she looked in the small mirror opposite her and saw bloody trickiling down from her nose.
"oh no.." she whispered softly. she gently wiped it away, but more began flowing out. soon, it was gushing out all over her white and black dress. she had to hold a towel to the bottom half of her face, and even that was becoming soaked in thick red blood. soon, laughs could be heard from the common room.
"hey Valentine! you got a little preasent from Remus-" Sarah began as she stuck her head around the door, but was cut off from shock to find a blood covered Valentine, now sitting on the floor, looking as white as paper.
they had spent at least five mineuts kissing each other passionatly. huge smiles crossing each others faces while doing so. finally, they had to stop and Valentine was the one to do it. they looked into each other's eyes, panting.
"what time is it?" Val asked. Remus looked down at his watch.
"12:10" he replied. Val sighed.
"I best get back..." she trailed off. Remus's face softend. he looked up again.
"your very welcome to stay you know" he replied. Valentine looked up. she couldn't. simply because he would find out about her. she shook her head.
"sorry moony, my family needs me" she replied. she thought for a second. she turned as an idea poped into her head. she gently straightened Remus's collor and shirt.
"besides, if we want this to go on, i think its best if we do it old fashioned" she smiled as she moved her hands into his. Remus raised his eyebrows beneath his scruffy frindge.
"you mean like, dates?" he asked nervously. Val smiled and nodded. Remus puffed out a sigh and gave a crooked smile.
"alright" he spoke softly. Val got excited and dragged him into a lovable hug, laughing rather loudly. suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
"Remus, is there someone in there?" his mother called. Remus went wide eyed and stood up quickly with Val.
"no mum! just talking to myself!" he yelled back, trying so hard not to laugh out loud. Val was the same. she quickly ran, picked up her broom and mounted. she turned her head around.
"go!" remus mouthed, before he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Val blushed hard. she shook her head for a second and flew out the window.
Later, Imogen lay in bed, with her parents screaming at her on where she had been. she wasn't listening to a single word, but simply starring up at the ceiling, thinking of Remus.
Remus was doing the exact same, but was staring at the glaxy covered ceiling instead, planning their date.
FNAF- Children Spirit- Chika by namine903
FNAF- Children Spirit- Chika
finished version of chika. part of my FNAF children spirits series x
so its obviuosly been a while, nothin much been happening here. oh, wait, that was a lie! bwah! xigbar, being xigbar, thought it would be fun to steal roxas's keyblade and play around with it. he was swinging it and trying to hit people with it. then, accidentally hit siax aross the face. urr, i wont explain the details, but some how siax managed to open another world. he got angry. and i mean REALLY angry! and with that  rage, tranformed into his bazerca form. not good, he  managed to slash open the wall and revealed another world. it was to the 60's this time around. oh god, poor beatle ringo, the sight he saw when he saw us. XD so, we now have another world to investigate. im now stuck with xigbar, exploring this new world. should be fun. gtg, we just got tickets to a beatles conert, what ever the hell the beatles are anyway. c ya'll laters!! :P


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imogen edwards (zexion)
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United Kingdom
im number six of organization 13. my magic is stronge, and i have no feelings. i will kill anyone or anything in my to kingdom hearts. evan if it was the organization members themselves........

aha, ONLY KIDDING!!! i try to keep my acting skills for the games!!! aha, but, i suppose im a rather normal person. i enjoy several animes and mangas. books and tv shows. i also love games, mostly for ps2 as they were the best when they were out. i mostly like the kingdom hearts saga, harvest moon, minecraft, the sims 3 and animal crossing. i LOVE drawing, especally with namine, shes a real mate. i also love shipping, i think bout that alot while in long car journeys. along with alternitve universes and new storys lines for storys of fan fiction. but my biggest love of my life, IS THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! I JUST WANA KISS GEORGE AND SNUGGLE HIM CUS THEY ARE ALL SO CCUUUTUTTTTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D but dont get me wrong, im morre interested in the music and personalitys rather than just there beautiful faces. i also like tim burtons animations and hope to work for him some day rather than on the kingdom heart games. they acturly included me in the dream drop distance, whitch is nice to be rememberd by the fans. anyway, think thats it, just enjoy my art work, and be willing to give u opions on it :)

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