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some of my deviations :3



FNAF- Children Spirit- Chika by namine903
FNAF- Children Spirit- Chika
finished version of chika. part of my FNAF children spirits series x
Five nights at Freddies Bonnie child spirit by namine903
Five nights at Freddies Bonnie child spirit
so i was playing around on my graphics tab and started drawing a face. when i had finished the outline, it reminded me of bonnie somehow, so anyway, this is the finished product ^_^
Valentine and her family gathered around the table, preparing to eat their christmas dinner. Her mother, father, older siblings and cousens sat around, laughing and talking about what their presents where to be, as they were saving the present opening till last. she chewed on her turkey happily and thought of remus and how his christmas was going. her mother quietly asked if she was okay, and that if she wanted anymore food. she shook her head and smiled. she mouthed 'im okay' back and carried on laughing with her cousen. although the rest of the members of the family seemed happy, but in their hearts, they knew, that this could be the last christmas.

Remus sat around the table with his family. there was only him, his mother and father. but yet again, he was happy. he too, thought of Valentine and how she was having her christmas. him and his family had already opened his preasents. he had managed to get a few practical joke goods from Zonkos, given to him by his mother. a few books on certain subjects he found most fasinating from his father, and finally a small enchanted stone that once dropped into water, suddenly transformed into a small silver fish, given to him by severus. he soon named it lily. but alas, no gift from Valentine. not even a card. this very slightly ruined Remus's christmas. once he had finished his meal, he helped wash up and wished them a good night and thanked them for the day. he ran upstairs to his small room and sighed after closing the door. just as he did, he heard a knock at his window.


it was nearing midnight now and Valentine made slow movements up towards her room. tired, she climed into her scruffy single bed, ready to sleep. suddenly she felt a small uncomfortably spot under her. she sat up and removed her covers. shit. she had forgotten to send Remus's christmas Preasent. she picked up the carefully wrapped box and locked the bedroom door. she grabbed her old tacky broomstick, mounted and shot out the window into the cold, dark night. it took her less then ten minuets to reach his house. she knew what room he stayed in as she had been over a few times. she hovered by his window and looked in. thankfully he was there. she gently tapped on the glass until he noticed. her immediatly let her in, as the snow began to poor heavily now. Valentine had forgotten how cold it was, and that was not good for her. but she didn't care. she just wanted to see his face when he opened his gift. she gently flew in and landed. he smiled and ran to hug her. he looked at his watch.
"Merry christmas" he laughed. Val smiled.
"Meryy christmas. i'm sorry but i forgot to give you your pressent." she smiled and gave him the small, brown box. she had forgotten how exhausted and cold she was and immediatly went and sat on the bed. she patted the spot next to her. he joined her and smiled. he gently shook the box next to his ear and pulled a funny face. it seemed to be heavy and small. Val sighed.
"Just open it moony" she laughed. Remus obeyed and pulled the paper off. it first, it looked like a small dark blue pot. but he soon realized it had a lid. Valentine immediatly took her wand out and blew all the candles out in his room with a single flick of her wand.
"open" she said to him in the pitch black. as soon as he did, a burst of silver light errupted and spread out across the dark room. it gave a silver and many different shades of blues and green, galaxy effect. soon, the blue pot started very gently spinning. Valentine gently tapped the blue pot and out burst two wolves that looked very much like partonases. they chased each other around the room, leaving a trail of silver light. Remus and Val laughed as the wolves ran through them and watched them frollic in the star light. Remus was stunned by the beauty of the pressent. they stayed laughing and pointing out constalations in Remus's little room that was turned into undescribable beauty. they eventually shut the pot and the light returned to it. Val gently waved her wand again and the candles relit themselves. Val smiled.
"did you like it?" she asked. Remus turned.
"Val, i-i- i loved it..." he trailed. with no suddent warning, he gently grabbed her face and kissed her lips ever so softly. Val was surprised but soon fell into it seconds after. sparks flew. Remus could feel it and he certainly knew Val could as well.
the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months for Remus and Valentine. things didn't change much, but soon Remus started to fall for Valentine more each day. they didnt say anything on the subject and were happy as they were. soon enough, they invited Severus to their little troup. Remus actually began to treat him as a good friend and realized that he was more clever than he thought. which was good, because it ment that Val sorted out his wolfbane potions and Severus had managed to find another small spot on the ground of hogwarts for his transformations, which wasnt the shrieking shack anymore. it was part of the castle, seperated from the rest. they must of decided to start putting an exstention on hogwarts but abandoned the idea. plus, it was just outside of the forbidden forest, so if he managed to escape, he would be away from people, which put everyone in less danger. Valentine still hadn't told him (or severus now) about the cancer. there were somedays that even she felt she was getting worse, but it she tried not to let it show, even though she was pretty sure they were on to her. but whenever they asked, she would blame it on insomnia. (of which she had to explain)
it was december now, and it was two days before they broke up for the holidays. Valentine had volenteerd to help decorate the great hall. the other two backed out of the idea, as they were not interested as much, and not as creative and artistic as Val was. Valentine was just levitating the tinsel on the walls. plaiting them with holly and other festive decorations whilst the other two sat at the table watching her. Professor Mcgonigal came over and admired her work.
"beautifuly decorated miss Shiro. we should ask for your help decorating more offten when it comes to events like these" she chuckled and turned to the others.
"remember boys, you have your OWLS after you come back from your holidays" she began but then looked at the amount of books between Remus and Severus. she smiled.
"well, i never thought i'd live to see this" she smiled again.
"a slytherin and a gryfindoor getting along." she shook her head, wished the three a merry christmas and walked off. Valentine turned around after putting her wand back in her pocket.
"well, i think thats done it" she looked around the hall walls to admire her work. the others did the same.
"very pretty" Severus replied.
"extremely beautiful" Remus slowley said, not even paying attention to the decorations, but simply staring at Valentine.
"are you sure you cant come over to mine for christmas?" Remus asked. Val stopped for a moment. she couldnt. for the past 4 years, ever since she had gotten cancer, she tried to spend most of the events of the year with her family, just in case it was her last. she shook her head.
"sorry, i'm with you for most of the year, but christmas is special for me and my family" she replied with a sad look on her face. Remus noticed this. she shook her head quickly and gave a smile.
"anyway, you've got Severus with you this christmas" she laughed. both of them smiled.
"anyway, i'm going to get changed out of these bloody robes. i dont even know why I dressed in them in first place, considering its a day off from lessons" she laughed.
"look after my bag?" she demanded. it wasnt a question. they both nodded and walked off. Severus smile fadded when she left.
"hey, I never asked. hows lily?" Severus looked up. Remus knew what happened that day and still was heartbroken by what happened with that filthy word.
"you sure you want me to tell you? i know its just gonna emotionally hurt you" Remus Replied Quietly. Severus took a deep breath and looked up.
"just tell me" he replied. Remus cleared his throat.
"shes dating James" he replied quickly. wanting to get it out. Severus eyes watered. he rubbed his eyes. i-is he crying? Remus thought. he must really love her.
"Severus" he began, but Severus raised his hand.
"theres only one thing im gonna say on the matter. i never stop thinking about her" he replied, with emotion in his voice.
"then try and fix it" Remus replied. Severus shook his head.
"no. ive tried as hard as i possibly can moony. i cant fix it this time" and that was all he said for the rest of the evening.
so its obviuosly been a while, nothin much been happening here. oh, wait, that was a lie! bwah! xigbar, being xigbar, thought it would be fun to steal roxas's keyblade and play around with it. he was swinging it and trying to hit people with it. then, accidentally hit siax aross the face. urr, i wont explain the details, but some how siax managed to open another world. he got angry. and i mean REALLY angry! and with that  rage, tranformed into his bazerca form. not good, he  managed to slash open the wall and revealed another world. it was to the 60's this time around. oh god, poor beatle ringo, the sight he saw when he saw us. XD so, we now have another world to investigate. im now stuck with xigbar, exploring this new world. should be fun. gtg, we just got tickets to a beatles conert, what ever the hell the beatles are anyway. c ya'll laters!! :P


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imogen edwards (zexion)
Artist | Student | Other
United Kingdom
im number six of organization 13. my magic is stronge, and i have no feelings. i will kill anyone or anything in my to kingdom hearts. evan if it was the organization members themselves........

aha, ONLY KIDDING!!! i try to keep my acting skills for the games!!! aha, but, i suppose im a rather normal person. i enjoy several animes and mangas. books and tv shows. i also love games, mostly for ps2 as they were the best when they were out. i mostly like the kingdom hearts saga, harvest moon, minecraft, the sims 3 and animal crossing. i LOVE drawing, especally with namine, shes a real mate. i also love shipping, i think bout that alot while in long car journeys. along with alternitve universes and new storys lines for storys of fan fiction. but my biggest love of my life, IS THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! I JUST WANA KISS GEORGE AND SNUGGLE HIM CUS THEY ARE ALL SO CCUUUTUTTTTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D but dont get me wrong, im morre interested in the music and personalitys rather than just there beautiful faces. i also like tim burtons animations and hope to work for him some day rather than on the kingdom heart games. they acturly included me in the dream drop distance, whitch is nice to be rememberd by the fans. anyway, think thats it, just enjoy my art work, and be willing to give u opions on it :)

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